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Teton County State Highway Mileposts

This page contains detailed milestones for the three state highways that appear in Teton County, including all intersections and bridges. State Highway 31 enters South Teton County from Bonneville County (Swan Valley) and bears East to Victor where it ends at State Highway 33, a total length of about 7 miles. State Highway 32 begins at State Highway 33 near Badger Creek in North Teton County and goes directly north to the Fremont County line, a total length of about 8 miles. State Highway 33 is by far the longest highway in the County. It enters northwest Teton County from Madison County (Rexburg) and bears east until just past it's intersection with State Highway 32. It then bears south through Tetonia, Driggs, and Victor. It then bears Southeast to the Wyoming State Border, for a total length of 37 miles. If you have corrections or additions for this list of mileposts, please send them to me.

If you have similar information you would like to make available online but just don't have the place or the expertise, please contact the County Coordinator at:

Description of Location City
SH 31East14.14Entering Teton County From Bonneville County 
SH 31East14.19Begin of Turnout on Right 
SH 31East14.24End of Turnout on Right 
SH 31East14.47Begin of Turnout on Right 
SH 31East14.53End of Turnout on Right 
SH 31East14.92Enter Pine Creek Campground on Right 
SH 31East16.21Targhee National Forest Boundary (Sign) on Left 
SH 31East17.46900S Rd on Left 
SH 31East17.82Pine Creek Bridge 
SH 31East19.19200W Rd (Spud Cellar Rd) Crosses Highway 
SH 31East19.69900S Rd (String Rd) on Right 
SH 31East20.52100W Rd (Pole Canyon Rd) Crosses Highway 
SH 31East20.52Entering City Limits of VictorVictor
SH 31East20.60Trail Creek BridgeVictor
SH 31East20.68Tonks Canal BridgeVictor
SH 31East20.68Culvert crossingVictor
SH 31East20.861st West Street on LeftVictor
SH 31East20.891st West Street on RightVictor
SH 31East20.92Depot Street on LeftVictor
SH 31East21.03End of SH-31; Junction with SH-33 on Right & Depot Street on LeftVictor
SH 32North0.00Beginning Of SH-32 At Junction With SH-33 
SH 32North2.79Badger Creek Bridge 
SH 32North3.011000N Road on Left 
SH 32North3.18Mcreynolds Avenue on Right 
SH 32North3.31Wells Avenue on Right 
SH 32North3.77Arnolds Road (1100N) on Left 
SH 32North3.871110N on Right 
SH 32North4.95Ricks Road (1300N) crosses highway 
SH 32North6.95Jackpine Road (1400N) on Right; Neely Road (1450N) on Left 
SH 32North7.34Swanner Creek Bridge 
SH 32North7.91Bitch Creek Bridge 
SH 32North7.93Leaving Teton County/Entering Fremont County 
SH 33East118.26Entering Teton County From Madison County 
SH 33East119.38Nelsons Road (1400N) on Right 
SH 33East120.02Linderman Road (1350W) on Right 
SH 33East120.421300W Road on Right 
SH 33East121.99Milk Creek Road (1150W) on Right 
SH 33East122.02Entry To Microwave Station on Left 
SH 33East122.68Anderson Road (1100W) on Left 
SH 33East123.93Browns Road on Left 
SH 33East124.62Hoopes Creek Road on Right 
SH 33East126.76Poleline Road (800W) on Right 
SH 33East128.15Entrance to Scenic Overlook on Right 
SH 33East128.18Exit from Scenic Overlook on Right 
SH 33East128.25Ards Road on Right 
SH 33East128.41Teton River Bridge 
SH 33East128.50River Road (675W) on Left 
SH 33East130.08Cemetery Road (500W) crosses Highway 
SH 33East130.58Haden Road (450W) Right 
SH 33East131.07Junction with State Highway on Left 
SH 33East132.07700N Road on Left 
SH 33East132.46Badger Creek Road (300W) on Left 
SH 33East132.47Entering City Limits of Tetonia - coincides with Main StreetTetonia
SH 33South132.58Jackson Avenue crosses HighwayTetonia
SH 33South132.65Teton Avenue crosses HighwayTetonia
SH 33South132.72Central Avenue crosses HighwayTetonia
SH 33South132.79Perry Avenue crosses HighwayTetonia
SH 33South132.86Leigh Avenue crosses HighwayTetonia
SH 33South132.90Main Street on Right (leaves Highway)Tetonia
SH 33South133.09Egbert Avenue on RightTetonia
SH 33South133.22Leaving Tetonia City LimitsTetonia
SH 33South133.30Reentering Tetonia City LimitsTetonia
SH 33South133.41Leaving Tetonia City LimitsTetonia
SH 33South133.42Phillips Road on Left 
SH 33South133.96Hall Road (200W) crosses Highway 
SH 33South134.20North Fork Leigh Creek Bridge 
SH 33South135.31South Leigh Road (600N) on Left 
SH 33South135.50Baler Road (50W) on Left 
SH 33South135.56Spring Creek Bridge 
SH 33South136.10520N Road on Left 
SH 33South136.27Fullmer Road (500N) on Left 
SH 33South136.48Historical Sites #225 & #315 on Left 
SH 33South136.53Crosses Culvert 
SH 33South137.27Packsaddle Road on Right; Peacock Road on Left (Both 400N) 
SH 33South137.55Butler Lane East on Left 
SH 33South138.77Little Road on Right; Teton Canyon Road on Left (Both 250N) 
SH 33South139.09Crosses Culvert 
SH 33South139.30Grandview Drive on Right 
SH 33South139.47Crosses Culvert 
SH 33South140.52Entering Driggs City Limits - Main Street coincides with highwayDriggs
SH 33South140.80Ross on LeftDriggs
SH 33South140.89Harper Avenue on LeftDriggs
SH 33South140.99Howard Avenue on LeftDriggs
SH 33South141.08Ashley Avenue on LeftDriggs
SH 33South141.19Depot on Right; Wallace Avenue on LeftDriggs
SH 33South141.28Little Avenue crosses highwayDriggs
SH 33South141.41Short Street on LeftDriggs
SH 33South141.7950S Road on LeftDriggs
SH 33South141.79Leaving Driggs City LimitsDriggs
SH 33South142.03Bates Road (200S) on Right 
SH 33South142.31Teton Creek Bridge 
SH 33South142.47Frontage Road on Right 
SH 33South143.29Darby Road (200S) crosses highway 
SH 33South143.97Historical Site #139 on Left 
SH 33South144.30Murdock Lane on Right; Darby Canyon Road on Left (Both 300S) 
SH 33South144.80Woolstenhume Lane (350S) on Right 
SH 33South145.29Cover Lane (400S) crosses highway 
SH 33South145.30Crosses Culvert 
SH 33South145.80450S Road on Left 
SH 33South146.30Fox Creek Canyon Road (500S) crosses highway 
SH 33South146.81Chapin Fox Road (550S) crosses highway 
SH 33South147.12Crosses Culvert 
SH 33South147.19Crosses Culvert 
SH 33South147.31North Cedron Road on Right; Clark Lane on Left (Both 600S) 
SH 33South148.32Tonks Road on Right; Kay Lane on Left (Both 700S) 
SH 33South149.16Entering Victor City Limits; Main Street coincides with highwayVictor
SH 33South149.33Cedron Road on Right; North 2nd Street (Aspen Street) on LeftVictor
SH 33South149.48North 1st Street (Birch Street) crosses highwayVictor
SH 33South149.55Depot Street on RightVictor
SH 33South149.62Junction with State Highway 31 on Right; Center Street on LeftVictor
SH 33South149.77South 1st Street (Dogwood Street) crosses highwayVictor
SH 33South149.83Old Jackson Highway on LeftVictor
SH 33South149.96Leaving Victor City LimitsVictor
SH 33Southeast149.9850W Rd on Right 
SH 33Southeast150.66Crosses Culvert 
SH 33Southeast150.70Southeast Baseline Road on Left & 00 W Road on Right 
SH 33Southeast150.83Crosses Culvert 
SH 33Southeast151.06Trail Creek Bridge 
SH 33Southeast151.18String Road (950S) on Right 
SH 33Southeast151.23String Road (950S) on Left 
SH 33Southeast151.39Crosses Culvert 
SH 33Southeast152.33Crosses Culvert 
SH 33Southeast152.43Automatic Traffic Counter Station 
SH 33Southeast152.64Targhee National Forest Boundary (Sign) on Right 
SH 33Southeast153.0350E Road on Right 
SH 33Southeast153.08Trail Creek Bridge 
SH 33Southeast153.17Old Jackson Highway (To Moosecreek Road) on Left 
SH 33Southeast153.22Moose Creek Bridge 
SH 33Southeast153.50Entrance to Mike Harris Campground on Right 
SH 33Southeast155.08Leaving South Teton County Idaho/Entering Teton County Wyoming 

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