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Timeline for Derivation of Teton County

Although Teton County Idaho was only formed in 1915, settlement began as early as 1822 and many pioneers began arriving in the late 1890s. Following is a timeline showing important events that relate to the settlement of the County, including the dates this territory became part of each County from Oregon Territory days on.

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DateDescription of Event in the Derivation of Teton County
EarlyCalled Broad Valley by the many Indian tribes who visited the area for councils and for hunting.
1808John Colter, a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition, is believed to be the first explorer to enter present-day Teton County. He arrived from Jackson, Wyoming via present day Teton Pass in January 1808.
1812Pierre Trevantiagon explored present Teton County and gave it the name Pierre's Hole.
1811-12Party led by William Price Hunt visited the valley going both ways on trip to Oregon from whom the original name of Teton Pass (Hunts Pass) was taken. Journal of the visit was kept by Robert Stuart.
1820sBecame a popular location with the Mountain Men. Some say that a few permanent settlers arrived.
1848Oregon Territory created, with the long future Teton County Idaho officially part of it's Linn County.
1851The new Lane County in Oregon Territory included our future Teton County.
1859Oregon was admitted as a state. Idaho area was transferred to Washington Territory as Shoshone County.
1860Shoshone County was renamed as Spokane County, still part of Washington Territory.
1861A new Shoshone County was created which included the future Teton County.
1862The area was once again renamed, this time as Idaho County.
1863Idaho Territory was created from Washington Territory.
1863Area that now includes Teton County became part of the original Idaho County, Owyhee 31 Dec 1893. It doesn't appear any county records were kept while our territory was part of Owyhee.
1864Oneida County was formed 22 January 1864 from the eastern half of Owyee County, including present day Teton
1885Teton's territory became part of the newly formed Bingham County, 13 Jan 1885.
1888Mormon pioneers from Salt Lake City started Driggs, beginning the a significant increase in settlers.
1889Mormon pioneers from Cache Valley Utah and Idaho started Victor.
1893Teton's future territory was split, with the northern portion going into the new Fremont County 8 Mar 1893 and the southern portion remaining in Bingham County.
1911The portion of Bingham County that would later become part of Teton County was moved to the new Bonneville County 7 Feb 1911.
1913Madison County was created 18 Feb 1913, taking from Fremont County most of what would shortly become Teton County.
1915Teton County was created 26 January 1915, taking portions from Madison, Fremont, and Bonneville Counties

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