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Description: The Pratt cemetery is actually in Wyoming not far from where the two Teton Counties join and near Alta but it served the east central portion of Teton County Idaho as well as Alta. The name came from the old Pratt Ward that began in the Driggs area and was relocated to Alta. It's not listed in the USGS GNIS listing of cemeteries but is marked on the topographical maps. Burials began in 1899 and it continues in use today.

Directions: I found a reference to the cemetery's location in an oral history interview by Harold Forbush. It said that a canal called the High Line Canal (perhaps what is currently identified by the USGS as the Pratt Canal) left Teton Creek up in the canyon and flowed north past the Pratt Cemetery. It's easy to find on the north side of the highway from Driggs (Ski Hill Road) to the Grand Targhee ski resort.

Latitude: 434538N

Longitude: 1110041W

Altitude: 6600

USGS Map Name: Clawson

Cemetery District: N/A (in Wyoming)

Contact Info:

C/O Jim Wilson
275 Yellow Rose Drive
Driggs, ID 83422

Phone: (307) 353-2524


Rex Christensen - Sexton 353-2445
Meredith Wilson- Asst Sexton 353-8428
Brian Green - Asst Sexton
Warren Kaufman - Board Member 353-2780
LaRon Hansen - Board Member 353-8623

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